Local News Organizations

  • Make money -- Earn revenue by selling licenses for your breaking news content to national media companies.

  • Save time -- Stop juggling photo and clip requests from other media organizations when you're on deadline.

  • No risk or cost -- Use the service when you need it, for free. You'll only pay a commission after Clipworthy has made a sale.

  • How it Works

    How it works

    Clipworthy is your 'pop-up' content licensing sales team, for the times when you are covering a local news story that draws national attention..

    Clipworthy will handle the requests from national media companies that want to use your breaking news content on their platforms. Send us your photos and clips, and we’ll take care of the licensing, distribution, and customer support.

    To learn more, see our list of Frequently Asked Questions, or use the contact form below, to talk with a Licensing Manager.