Frequently Asked Questions

Local News Organizations

  • What is the cost for my local news organization to work with Clipworthy?
    There is no setup or ongoing cost for local news organizations to market their content on Clipworthy. When Clipworthy sells a license for a clip or photo, we will split the revenue with the local news organization that supplied the content.

    How much money will we make selling licenses for our content on Clipworthy?
    Your earnings could range from a few hundred to a thousands of dollars per news event, depending on how many clips and photos you make available for sale, and the number of news organizations that purchase licenses to use the content.

    Will we be locked-into a long-term agreement with Clipworthy?
    There is no long-term contract. Your local news organization may withdraw its content and stop working with Clipworthy at any time.

    What are the terms of the content licenses sold by Clipworthy?
    Buyers are purchasing royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide licenses to use the content, for editorial purposes only. Buyers may not re-sell your content.

    Will selling clips and photos on Clipworthy affect my local news organization's rights to use our content?
    No, you'll still have full rights and ownership of the content you produce.

    Does making content available on Clipworthy affect our ability to sell the same content to other buyers or aggregators?
    No, by working with Clipworthy, you are giving us the non-exclusive right to license and promote clips and photos on your behalf. You still own and control your clips and photos and may sell licenses to anyone.

    Our content was shot by a freelancer. Can we still work with Clipworthy?
    Yes, as long as your agreement with the freelancer gives you full ownership of the content. If you do not have full ownership, Clipworthy will need to make a separate agreement with the freelancer, and invite them to receive a share of the sales revenue.

    How can we prevent our local competitors from getting our breaking news clips and photos from Clipworthy?
    When your local news organization signs-up with Clipworthy, we will ask you to specify a local, regional, or state sales exclusion zone. Clipworthy will not sell licenses for your clips and photos to other news organizations located in your sales exclusion zone.

National News Organizations

  • Where does Clipworthy get its photos and clips?
    Clipworthy represents local news organizations, and has an agreement to sell licenses for news content on their behalf.

    What is the cost of the clips and photos?
    Prices vary depending on the content available. Prices are clearly posted on the Clipworthy web site.

    What are the terms of the content licenses sold by Clipworthy?
    Content buyers receive royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide licenses to use the selected content, for editorial purposes only. Buyers may not re-sell the content.

    Are there any geographic exclusions that affect our ability to use the content?
    The local news organization may specify a local, regional, or state market as "no sales". This means the photo or clip cannot be sold to or used by competing local news organizations which operate in the same market. These "out" markets will be clearly described on the Clipworthy web site.

    Do we need to credit Clipworthy or the local news organization when we use the clip?
    Please give credit for the photo or clip to the local news organization and its journalist(s). Clipworthy should not be credited.

    The preview photos and clips on the Clipworthy web site are low resolution, and have visual and/or audio watermarks. How do I get content without a watermark?
    When you purchase a photo or clip, you will receive a file in the original resolution supplied by the local news organization. This file will not have a watermark.